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Monday, March 14, 2011

Shower Power

After several weeks staying with a friend helping her move and settle into her new place, I'm once again back at the Motor Home. It was nice while it lasted, being able to pretend I had a real life for a few minutes, instead of this miserable existence. I guess now it's time to check back into reality.

It's amazing how easily we take things like flush toilets stoves, light switches, walls, heat, and most of all bathtubs for granted when we never have to go without. Sure, we may go "roughing it" by using a vault toilet at a campground a few times in the summer, but at least they are spacious when compared to the miniature closet that serves as our bathroom. Taking a shower in here is practically an all morning endeavor when you include the time it takes to remove everything being stored in the stall, turning on the sputtery drizzle just enough to wet yourself down, lathering up in the freezing cold air, turning it back on to rinse off, having the water run out after five minutes (if you're lucky), waiting another fifteen for more to heat up so you can finish the job, drying out the stall with your towel, and finally replacing all the stuff that has to go back in because there's nowhere else to store it. (And if you think that's a mouthful to read, try doing it sometime!) Bathing is literally such a chore, that I even stooped to washing my hair in a grocery store bathroom sink once because it was a single room with a lock, and a glorious flow of warm forced-air during a particularly cold -and desperate- December evening.

Since then, I have discovered that the RV park on the other side of the freeway (where Mom used to reside) still has the same combination on their bathroom door. After the office closes for the night it's very easy to simply drive in, slip into the heated building, and take a glorious high-pressure shower with a virtually endless hot water supply. When you are going into your second week without a clean body, you quickly come to understand the phrase "desperate times call for desperate measures." Or in this case, desperate times call for slightly unethical measures. And also, if a roll of toilet paper just happens to go missing, I'm sure it's purely coincidental. **whistling...**

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