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Monday, February 21, 2011

In Memorium

This weekend we had to have my Mom's beloved 12 year old Red Heeler mix Dottie put down. She was a quiet dog with a timid personality. Her favorite thing was being wherever Mom was. Unfortunately she had gotten sick, and though the vet saw her and diagnosed her as having Pancreatitis, their office would not allow Mom to bring her back for a follow up or to be euthanized since there was an outstanding balance on the account. Poor Dottie suffered in pain for several weeks, having accidents on the floor, and couldn't even get up on the bed anymore during her final days. With the help of a friend who did the calling around for us, we were able to find a local humane society that would put her down for no cost.

We took her in on Friday, and I cannot begin to express my gratitude to the office manager and vet techs who helped us with everything.  They were caring and compassionate with Dottie and with us during the entire process. We were allowed to take her remains, and on Saturday we buried her next to a dog that belonged to one of Mom's friends. Mom can visit the grave whenever she wants, and we are planning to paint a rock to serve as a marker.

My concern now shifts to Mom.  I have been helping a friend move and get settled in a new place, so I have been away from the motor home.  Mom stayed with me over the weekend, but will be alone for the next few nights until I get back. She struggles with loneliness and depression, and since we don't have cable TV to help keep her attention occupied, I worry she will have a hard time dealing with everything. 

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