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Monday, February 14, 2011

The Tire Saga: Part Deux

So, it turns out that Mom can get two tires paid for by the Employment Dept. since the job she has is part of a training program for seniors through their office. (goody!) However, they require two written estimates and then it takes ten days for the funds to be approved. Since I was with a friend who has a phone, I was able to call around to various tire shops to get an idea of the cost. But we needed a tire immediately, and even though we've had no luck finding a used tire before, I decided to give it a shot again and this time I lucked out!  Now we just had to come up with the $40 for it.

I called another friend who had offered some money to me, and thanks to her extreme generousity we had what we needed. The next step was to call the husband of one of Mom's friends to help us get the wheel off and over to the tire store. We arrived right after they opened at 8am, and after a few minutes of waiting the Tech came over to us.  "We have an Opps," he said. It turned out the tire they had was marked a 15" but was really a 14". Crap.  The next option was to try the wrecking yard, which of course didn't open till 9am. So we waited, and after digging through the inside and outdoor stacks, we finally found a single tire with the right specs. We paid the $15, and hoped we had enough to get it installed.

Back to the tire shop we went, and when we arrived the Tech felt so bad about having the wrong tire, he installed it for free!  That meant we had $25 left over until Mom gets paid. Which turned out to be a really good thing, because yesterday the space heater stopped working and we had to get a new one... And so it goes.

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  1. when it rains it pours. no really, I couldn't believe it when I looked outside today. ok, well I could, this is oregon after all - land of the liquid sunshine.

    glad you found a tire, sucks about the heater though. :(