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Friday, February 11, 2011

Like Robinson Crusoe...

Alright, so it may not be as primitive as can be, but it's getting a little too close for comfort.  This week while I was away helping a friend move, Mom's car got a flat on the front driver's side. Not a problem, just use the spare, right? Think again. The spare is already replacing a flat on the front passenger side. Last month we went to every tire place and wrecking yard in town trying to find a replacement. Apparently used 15 inch tires are harder to find than a Yeti. In a snowstorm. Plus, with only $30 to last until a week from Friday, even if we found one, the cost would leave us flat broke. The only solution available at the moment is for her to disconnect the Motor home from everything, drive it to work, and reconnect it all when she gets home.

While this may seem do-able, and for the short-term it is, it hides another problem which is far greater: while she's working, I'm going to be stuck inside it, all. day. long. And, - wait for it - with no electricity!  This means no TV, no computer, no microwave, and no glue gun.  Oh, and let's not to leave out running water to flush the toilet. Eww-y.  I can't even call anyone because we have no minutes.
Next week it's going to get even more fun, because Mom's schedule is changing from five half days per week, to two full ones, and a half. Yay, eight hours with absolutely nothing to do! I guess now is a good a time to start writing to that new pen-pal in prison I've always wanted. Oh wait, I'm allergic to murder, crap.     

So let's see, no phone, no lights, no motorcar... Nope, not a single luxury. At least the seven stranded castaways had each other to talk to.  I've got nuthin'.

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  1. well if we'd quit getting sick you could spend a weekend over here!!!

    speaking of, jim is off this weekend, so lets pencil in the next one.... ;p